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Skilled Workers/Professionals
This category of immigrants is for those who have a profession. Examples are computer programmers, accountants, engineers, secretaries, bankers, administrative officers, editors, etc. There are currently 320 professions on the current approved occupation list. There are some interesting professions on it like actors, announcers, athletes, boilermakers, butchers, commercial divers, dancers, executive housekeepers, midwives, tile setters and water well drillers!

This category emphasizes certain qualities in applicants as follows:
Age: preferably less than 50.

Language Skills: proficiency in English or French is desirable. Now it is recommended that the applicant give a language test to prove his/her competency in the language. This test is called IELTS (International English Language Testing System) examination and can be given in most countries.

Work Experience: At least one year is necessary with preferably four years or more in one or other of the professions on the occupation list.

Education: This is extremely important. A bachelor's degree is almost essential and a master's degree very beneficial. Similarly, it is quite helpful if the applicant's spouse also is educated beyond the high school level to generate extra points.

Relative in Canada:: A close relative in Canada is a bonus.

There are other ways to get more points but these are utilized by relatively few applicants, as they do not qualify e.g.
  • Previous education in Canada.
  • Prior work experience in Canada (on a work permit).
  • A certified job offer from a Canadian employer, which is quite cumbersome and difficult to obtain.
The applicant also has to prove that he/she has enough funds required for settlement. This requirement is imposed so that the family is able to live off their savings in the immediate time period (approximately six months) after their arrival in Canada just in case the applicant requires some time to be able to locate suitable employment.

To give you an idea, the minimum funds required are as follows:

Family Members Funds Required
1  C$9,420
2 C$11,775
3 C$14,645
4 C$17,727
5 C$19,816
6 C$21,905
Families of Skilled workers
Spouses and children (unmarried and full-time students) also get their immigrant visas at the same time as the main applicant.

Transam's edge
We are extremely picky during the preparation of our files. We make sure that the file contains more than the minimum recommended documentation and that there are no inconsistencies in the forms and/or documentation. Our exacting standards are higher than that of the immigration department! Unless we are sure that the file will be successful and we are fully satisfied with the finished product, we do not file it. The reason for the above is that we have two reputations to live up to. Firstly, with our clients, the majority of whom have been referred to us by past happy and successful clients. We expect our current set of clients to forward our name to their contacts who will in turn become our future clients. As such our reputation with our clients is extremely important to us. Secondly, we strive to preserve our excellent reputation with the immigration department. They have seen countless files that we have prepared and submitted and when they get a new file from our office, those officers who have seen our files before know that it will be a quality file.

Regarding skilled worker cases, this category is a point-based category. As such, we are very scientific in our approach in terms of maximizing the points in all the selection factors. We leave nothing to chance. If we are confident that our file has enough points to be submitted and to be successful, we proceed. Otherwise, we advise our client that there is a shortfall and what steps could be undertaken to go over the hump of the minimum points required. For instance, the current rules stipulate that in this category, up to five points are allocated to an applicant based on his/her spouse's education. What happens if there is a single applicant who lacks a few points? Well, we tell him that if he is planning to get married in the near future, then it would be advisable for him to make sure that his wife has more than a high school education! Another example is if an applicant does not currently have a relative in Canada but expects his maternal aunt to be moving to Canada in a couple of months. In this situation, it would make sense to delay the filing of the case until such time as the aunt lands in Canada so that the applicant can pick-up the extra points for having a close relative in Canada.
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