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Canada is a land of opportunities. It is a huge country with a relatively small population and with an abundance of natural resources. The close proximity to the large U.S. market and the existence of a Free Trade Agreement with the U.S. also allow for unlimited potential in the field of business.

Immigrants coming in the Entrepreneur category have to open up a business in Canada within two years of their arrival in Canada. However, we have found over the years that even immigrants in the skilled worker/professional category are tempted to start their own businesses. Some of them do it part-time at first while employed full-time and then switch to full-time business once their business is firmly entrenched. The reason for the above is that this country does not have too many restrictions on starting a business. Then of course, the businessperson is his/her own boss. The other possible reason is that most immigrants still have contacts back home in their previous country of residence or origin and they can utilize these contacts in their business endeavors in two-way trading, generating investment, etc.

Transam's Edge:
We assist our clients in explaining to them the pros and cons of setting-up their business in the particular industry in which they are interested in, e.g. the costs involved, the chances of success based on industry trends and their background, etc. If there is a need for financing, we can get our clients in touch with banks and other financiers and investors.

There are three types of businesses. The simplest is the sole proprietorship and is basically a one-man show. Very little cost to set-up and easy to manage initially. Then there is the partnership based on two or more partners. The final type is the incorporated company. This has limited liability and is a separate entity from the directors, owners and employees. Each type of business has its own tax ramifications with the incorporated company requiring a separate tax return whereas the income of a sole proprietorship is picked up in the tax return of the individual. In the case of a partnership, the income is divided amongst the partners based upon the ownership percentages and is shown in their personal tax returns. Based upon their need and choice, we help our clients set-up all three types of businesses. In the case of a corporation , we have to do a name search to make sure that the name is available for use and has not been taken by another company in Canada.

Once our clients are in business, we can assist in accounting and taxation matters so as to minimize the payment of taxes.

Please let us know if you are looking:
  • to buy a particular type of business
  • for investors or other financing
  • for partners to start a business
  • to incorporate a company
  • for contacts in any particular industry
  • consultation in similar matters
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