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Employment Opportunities in Canada
Many of our clients are able to find work within a month of arriving in Canada. For others, it takes longer. There are various factors that determine how soon you will be able to find suitable employment in this country as follows:
  1. Years of experience
  2. Education
  3. Fluency in English (or French, if moving to Quebec)
  4. Contacts already working in your profession in Canada
  5. Flexibility to move to another city
  6. Looking at the right places and applying at the right time
Points no. 1. and 2. above are of course important relative to the type of job being looked into. One can be under qualified or even overqualified for a particular position. So it is important to have the proper fit of qualifications and job requirements.

Point no. 3 makes a difference. If your English is not fluent, you might consider brushing it up by enrolling in a course of conversational English.

Like any other country in the world, the best way to find a job in Canada is through contacts whether they be friends, relatives, previous associates or colleagues, preferably already working in the industry or company of your choice.

Canada is a large country. Certain areas of the country specialize in certain industries and types of jobs. For instance, if you would like to work in the oil industry, Alberta should be your destination. Forestry industry jobs can be found in B.C., while there are large pharmaceuticals companies in Montreal. The aerospace industry can also be found in Montreal (Bombardier, Canadair). Banking jobs are best found in Toronto and the same applies to marketing jobs as the majority of the head offices of large corporations are located in the Toronto area. The capital of the country is in Ottawa so the bulk of federal government jobs are found there. Ottawa is also particularly strong in the computer and hi-tech industry.

Placement Agencies:
It is important to talk to placement agencies, some of which specialize in specific industries. They will meet candidates, help in formatting the resume in the correct manner, set-up interviews with their own staff and with prospective employers, etc. The important thing to keep in mind is that the majority of these agencies are remunerated by the employer so the employee gets to use their services for free.

On-line Searches:
The internet is here to stay and has made a major impact on the recruitment industry as well. More and more employers are using it and the same applies to job-seekers. We have compiled a comprehensive list of North American Online Job Banks. Please click here to view the list.

Transam's Edge:
We are first and foremost an immigration firm. Having said that, we try our best to help our clients who arrive in Canada and need a job. Obviously, we cannot promise a job for all of our clients. We have in the past matched many of our clients with suitable positions in the industry of their choice. Due to our long-term presence in Canada, we have developed a list of extensive contacts. They often contact us to check if we could recommend a suitable person for a certain position, which they currently have open. Similarly, if we have a qualified client looking for job, we check with some of our contacts if they would be willing to hire him.
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