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Before you arrive in Canada!
Once you have been informed that your visas have been finalized, there are certain steps that need to be undertaken before taking the flight to Canada.

Please make sure what the expiry date of the immigration visa is (usually one year from the date of your medical tests). It is imperative that you land in Canada on or before this date. Also please check that your visa does not say 'not valid for travel'. It is a good idea to review the visa document carefully to ensure that there are no errors in name spellings or dates of birth, etc. If there are any such mistakes, then it is important to point these out to the officer at the port of entry so he might make a note of the corrections on the document itself.

The immigration officer at the airport will ask how many funds you have in your possession. It is advisable to have some cash in your possession (e.g. to pay for immediate expenses like taxi, hotel, food, etc., but not an excessive amount for safety reasons. You can bring some of your funds in the form of a bank draft or traveller's checks. The remainder of your funds can be transferred by bank transfer once your account has been opened in a Canadian bank.

We recommend to our clients to make a detailed inventory of their physical assets that they intend to bring to Canada. This could include an automobile, furniture, electronics, jewellery, household effects, etc. This list should be in duplicate and can be given to the officer at the airport who will stamp the sheets and give one copy back. This will allow your goods to arrive in Canada at a later date whether by air or by sea and be able to clear customs without any problems. As a first time immigrant to Canada, you are allowed to bring with you (or ship later) pretty much any goods already in your possession. However, existing Canadian residents have to follow customs rules and regulations and may be subject to duties and tax on any imports that they make.

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