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Transam International Inc.
Transam International Inc. is a corporation incorporated under the laws of the Federal Government of Canada. We have over fifteen years experience in our areas of expertise and a worldwide reputation for reliability and trustworthiness.

We are experts in providing immigration and relocation services to Canada. This includes reviewing our clients' situation and providing them with an honest evaluation of their chances of receiving Canadian immigration. We guide our clients through the pre-filing stage of filling in all required forms and the documentation required. Then we prepare the file according to our highly stringent standards and submit it to the immigration authorities. We constantly stay in touch with our clients through the processing stage of their cases. Before the interview (if required), we extensively brief our clients so that they are at ease going in to the interview. We also constantly stay in touch with the immigration office processing the case until such time as the case is finalized.

When our clients' visas have been approved, we explain to them what to expect when they officially arrive in Canada and about the steps that have to be taken prior to departure from their country of origin. Once they arrive in Canada, we provide our clients with all necessary information regarding the various steps necessary, e.g. applying for the social insurance card, provincial health care, bank accounts, drivers' license, etc.

Our clients
Our clients come from various parts of the world. To give an idea of the background of our clients, they have originated from the U.S.A., U.K., France, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E., Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, South Africa, etc.

The majority of our clients approach us through word of mouth. In other words, they are referred to us through one of their contacts (friend, relative, colleague, etc.) who has been satisfied with our services. We feel that this is the best type of advertising and this is the key to our success.

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The Canadian Government has announced an important adjustment to the pass mark for skilled worker applicants. Effective immediately, the pass mark under the skilled worker category of immigration is reduced from 75 points to 67 points. In addition, all skilled worker applicants in the system who have not yet received a selection decision will be assessed against a pass mark of 67.

The Minister's move to adjust the pass mark is a response to Canada's need for skilled workers. Effective immediately, all new skilled worker applicants and those currently in the system who have not yet received a selection decision, will be assessed with a pass mark of 67.

"An important objective of IRPA was to create a system that is flexible," said the Minister. "Today's changes to IRPA reflect this flexibility and our ongoing commitment to listen to the views of all stakeholders. We are responding to current circumstances in a way that continues to encourage skilled immigration within the confines of existing resources and a balanced plan."

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